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Our Criminal Searches

County/State Court Search

The Criminal Report will report misdemeanor and felony convictions, non vehicle-related infractions and charges with disposition pending for an applicant's current geographic jurisdiction. Searches can be conducted for Primary Name, Given Name or Alias Names. Additionally, selected or all geographic jurisdictions that an applicant resided in or came into contact with can also be searched.

Federal District Court Search

The big difference between the Federal District Courts and the County Courts is the crimes they judge. At the Federal level, only Federal crimes, such as international drug trafficking and espionage, are considered. Federal District court searches only include information from the individual Federal District Court searched. The courts do not share or consolidate their information with each other or with the County courts.

National Criminal Jurisdiction Locator

In order to keep you compliant and provide a thorough report to you, Employee Relations offers a National Criminal Jurisdiction Locator search. This search will use several identifiers, including name, DOB and/or SSN to locate any additional areas that were not captured using one of our three available credit bureau searches. This search will yield jurisdictions from searching magazine subscriptions, utility bills, phone bills, etc. as well as a national incarceration search providing areas where your applicant may have committed vacation crime. This Locator will provide you with a list of areas that results from the above-listed searches, at which point you can utilize our court and state-specific criminal searches to determine if there are any criminal records in the areas given.
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