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Employee Relations Can Provide You With An Instantaneous Credit Report

Too often, employers are the victims of employee fraud and/or embezzlement, and on occasion, are unaware of the inability of an employee to handle corporate financial affairs. All can have devastating consequences to the employer’s financial welfare and a review of a potential employee’s personal credit history can provide valuable insight into how they might handle your organization’s finances.

Use of credit reports in determining an applicant’s suitability for employment requires consideration as to whether the cause of any credit problem is the result of bad judgment, lack of integrity, or circumstances beyond the applicant’s control. Also, certain states will suspend an individual’s driver’s license in the event family support payments are not current.

Credit reports might not be appropriate for all job applicants or job positions and should be routinely requested for certain positions such as those handling cash, payables, receivables, or the personal affairs of vulnerable individuals, or if required by law.

Credit reports provided by Employee Relations fully comply with applicable state and federal regulations and do not impact FICO scores since the report is generated only for pre-employment purposes.
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